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Terry Tee Productions LLC

DJ Terry Tee was born as Terry McCoy in Baltimore, MD, raised in the McCullough Homes Projects and attended Baltimore City public schools. DJ Terry Tee has always had a love for music. After a friend of his from New York shared cassette tapes of DJ’s mixing in the park, it sparked his interest and he started practicing how to mix and scratch on a component set. Meanwhile, he had a friend Jeffrey McCLain, aka Jeffrey G, who was writing raps to DJ Terry Tee’s mixes. As Terry acquired his own DJ equipment, he started DJ’ing at house parties and became notarized for his talent of mixing and scratching. DJ Richard and Mix Master Phil, who mixed on the Mac James Flight 712 show on 1400 AM WWIN radio station, asked for one of DJ Terry Tee’s mix tapes for the radio audience to hear. The audience approved and he became a DJ of the Mac James Flight 712 show. DJ Terry Tee recommended Mac James listen to Jeffrey G’s rap tape, in which Mac James and the audience approved as well. Thereafter, Jeffrey was scheduled to battle a rival rapper named Universe at a local party. Instead of them battling, they joined forces and gave birth to the We Rock Krew thus becoming Baltimore’s hot dynamic trio where the Legendary DJ Terry Tee was born. The We Rock Krew consistently did shows with local and major recording artists from 1983 to 1989. After the trials and tribulations of being mis-managed, the We Rock Krew decided to take a step back from the scene. In 1996, DJ Terry Tee decided to create Terry Tee Productions in which he has booked artist such as: DJ Kool, Jay Z and Foxy Brown, just to name a few. After the death of Jeffrey G in 2017, in 2018 DJ Terry Tee decided to revisit the art of DJ’ing and promoting events, in which he has once again mastered DJ’ing as if he never took a break. He has given back to the community by DJ’ing at charity events and other events for free. To this date, Terry Tee Productions has held several major events and continues to do so.

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